Tuesday, May 23, 2006

a little obsession with knifes...??anyone??

sounds and looks kinda funny when you write it huh? but for some reason I dont like it when knifes and guns are used as weapons..I actually hate the thought of it ..but i do appreciate it when it is introduced by a form of art. Is that weird?
My friend Jeff B. and I took more pictures the other day.This time not too serious adding a little humor to it. we did take a few pix with this butchers knife he had laying around in his house! We had alot of fun. I cant wait to show you guys some stuff...
I asked him to take this pix of just the knife so I can enlarge it and frame it for my room!


magda said...

ahhh i am so afraid of knifes ! i think its because i had a very bad accident with a knive when i was 4 years old :-(

but the pic is hot ^^ maybe i should print it and hang over my bed hehe^^

Anonymous said...

this post have anything to do with joel maddens love for GUNS? cos thats what it made me think of it freaks me OUT guns aint toys it can kill and thats all I see now in his pictures guns guns guns. bad role models for all the kids very stupid

Anonymous said...

and soon someone will get killed and then what? its tragedy waitin to happen when people start messin with something liek that

Anonymous said...

I hate seeing knives and guns but from an artist’s perspective, you're right it looks different. That's a really nice, raw photograph. I like it a lot. I guess 'cause it's not too suggestive and can be received in more ways than one, as appose to just a passé gansta look.

Nice :)

Em x

Anonymous said...

Yaaay! new friedia blog!! It's kind of a creepy picture but when you know it wasn't used for harmful purposes it's a cool picture. can't wait to see more of your work. I love everything you do!

Friedia said...

def i hate knifes and guns used as weapons. i will never have or allow a gun in my house EVER! i hate it so much!

Anonymous said...

It's nice in an artisic way but yeah... knifes scare me way much.


Anonymous said...

Mark Twain said,
‘weapons are weaker than beauty!!’
i agree!!
FROM duke japan yosuke