Monday, May 08, 2006

I love pictures!

I was just going thru some old pictures and very old pictures and of course recent pictures...I want to add more frames on my walls and around my room. So I found this picture of my brother, beany and me. I just love it! we had a great night! My brother just had to go out to a Hollywood club so we went and it was the night that Mickey Avalon was having a show. I have met him a few times so I introduced them and they totally knew each other! My brother had gone to his show in Japan andMickey had remembered him. It was really funny! Yeah. an interesting night. I miss my brother....


Anonymous said...

you have to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen.


Anonymous said...

You're stunning, girl! Haha, your brothers face is awesome. I love it.

Em x

magda said...

so cute.... wow ! Are you wearing a 'pali' on the picture ? cool fashion girl cool i have one and i wear it day and night^^ in summer and winter....:-)

Anonymous said...

you are GORGEOUS <3

Anonymous said...





じぁあ1千万?違う、彼女に釣り合う男は年収3億円以上! 「もっと!もっと!僕は頑張らなきゃいけない!世界にクルーザー持たないと!」
鈴ちゃんは僕にとって、エベレストマウンテン。だから、鈴ちゃん目指せば、公園の砂場のマウンテンぐらいつかめるんじゃないかって思ってます。(笑)  だから今日も明日も鈴ちゃんに負けないよう頑張ります。最近幸せです。ありがとう。☆彡

PS to people,on driedia web site.i'm sorry that i wrote long long letters, besides only japanese languich.i should have to wrote short.
but could i think men will run short of living vigor,if men do'nt have love power on frgedia.haha.
please forgive me about bigspace i used.
i should take care to.sorry.
and,i want to say,
her brother on photgragh is famous for handsome,fashon leader in japan.and,his wife too.i love them.they are beatyful copple. fridia is not only beatyful but also her brther and his wife is beatyful.i respect the family too.thank you.☆彡

magda said...

please go on writing in japanese thats cool i always read it (or watch it ^^) it looks cool maybe i have to learn it difficult ?

MK said...

you look really pretty in that picture

Anonymous said...

you look so pretty and happy in that pic!

<3 caroline

Anonymous said...

dear mr.magda,nice to meet you!
my opinion is that to learn japanese languich is so difficult.
my japanese writting on this web is near native.
you know, it says that to learn japanese words is most difficult in the world.
in fact, i have been learnning school engrish in japan since my age was six olds years(my mother order).but i can't transmit you american accurately with engurish.(it's apparent evident, you can see my sentense haha!)
and, it says that to learn linguish is connection to one's age. if magda's age is under fifteen,it may learn japanese in mind easily.but, if your ages is over twenty, it may be difficult.
human can learn or study matematics,which we hate ,chemistly,phisics,history,…etc in spite of one's age.but, it is difficult for adult to learn linguish,except the man having special very smart brain.
but,couldn't you see a dictionary on my japanese wrritting to friedia? my writting japanese contents to friedia is ‘love letters’.
my face turns red!!!haha may we be with love of friedia!
thank you ☆彡

magda said...

hey thanks for your answer :-) i am a girl from germany and in 10 days i am 15 :-) so maybe i have a chance to learn it^^i have to say i am good at learning languages (the only thing i am good^^) i speak german, french, english and a little bit of ltaly and i won't learn more !!!
ahhhh i love friedia and i am so happy to found her page ! she is so beautiful but the main thing is that she seems to be so clever and thats rare (beautiful AND nice AND intelligent^^) i am pissed beacause nobody knows her here in germany :-( i only know her because one time there was a pic of her in a magazine (but it was so small) so i searched in the web and i found a lot of pictures of her

damn i love her :-)
nice to talk with you

Shell said...

You have the mosr gorgeous eyes!
Your skin is beautiful too.
AH, that's just a lovely picture haha


Anonymous said...

wow i have been super big fan of yours since i was in high school. i was wondering how you are doing and came across this website. so happy to know that you are in LA. i am also hapa and i moved to the usa from japan years ago. anytime i visited japan, i always looked for your magazines and cds. i am so happy that you are trying to pursue your dreams. wishing you the best of luck!!