Thursday, May 11, 2006


Last weekend my friends and I had a yard sale! It was actually my first time in the U.S! I had to say that it was more work than I thought! I didnt know so many people would try to bargain with me! I guess I just wasnt ready for it! i did have a fun time. Met alot of neat people! These 3 ladies actually live down the street from us and they were so cute we had to take a picture! They had all bought these sparkling shrugs that my friend had designed. It was glitter all over! They were so happy with what they got too! we did have an incident where a lady came by and tried to take my friends money , pushed my friend and threatened
to come by with her 2 sons!!!We all got a bit scared, and we called the police and filed her in! It was a crazy morning! What an expierience! Sounds crazy and funny now..but when it happened we where freaked out about it...You never know when the yard sale lady will attack!For all you yard sellers this weekend!!Watch out!!!


Anonymous said...

wow. I wish I could have come, I bet you had some awesome clothes to give away.

Hehe, those ladies look so made up. Aww.

Anonymous said...

lmao I can see the tv special now
"when yard sales turn bad"
sounds like you had an awesome day though, in spite of the scary lady.
looks like it was a nice day to be out too =]


Anonymous said...

wish i could have went to your yard sale! haha that lady sounds like a nut.

<3 caroline

Anonymous said...

you have a beautiful smile!

MK said...

I wish I could have went to your yard sale I would have bought alot haha

Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA i didn't know freaky ladys tried to steal money at yard sales. ahahahaa wow.

- Katieee.