Sunday, May 14, 2006

L.A is for singles?...

Just like Virginia is for Lovers, L.A is full of single people and it just amazes me how much of a player everyone is. Is it like this in every other country as well? I dont remember it being like that in Japan. But then again, my friends who are married, their husbands go out alot....Are they players as well? Aren't relationships weird? In my head I have just been doing alot of people watching and thinking and listening to all the stories my friends tell me about their past and present relationships.....What is it about being single in L.A? They are always trying to look for something better.Will they ever be satisfied with what they have? And How will they know?How long do you have to be single?


Anonymous said...

I think you can go out to have fun and not to look for something better.

''how will they know''
I think if it's real love you just know as it's something that can't be compared to any other feeling. It's unique and you don't just find it everywhere but when you do you know.

magda said...

oh its a serious thing
here in germany its stupid everywhere i go i hear men talking about me ahhhh i hate it because the most of them are so much older then me !!! and than they come to me and want to get my number and my name and and and and. i am pissed..:-)
i want to find a guy i can talk to
i can trust and laugh and cry with. i dont care about he looks if i am happy with him. i cant believe how people throw their love away just for a ''have fun'' with someone else do you know what i mean ???
i dont know how to find THE guy i think i have to kiss a lot of frogs
i start writting shit i am sorry but i really like to think about it !!
its so romantic ......:-)
but i am relly scared of the strange men ( i am sure a few of them a really interested in my personality but the most ....)
i hate it
i dont know i am so young i need help

but i really like you
you write great things !!!!

Anonymous said...

If you don't like, you can move y'know. I agree with you, i'm not being a bitch, i'm just saying.

Anonymous said...














Anonymous said...

ps dear magda! from duke yosuke japan.

thank you good chat last week! and,happy birthday! 15YEARS OLDS!
I 'm soory i repied late!
but,i'm dizzing!(*_*) 
because of how young you are! and you mastered 4 languiges???? ( ̄□ ̄;)!! oh!my god! how wise you are!
when i was high school student,10years ago,and iwas teached mathematic by teacher,in the class, i feel bads and i am taken down,on my desk by mathematics .teacher took shout, to me‘you shold see a doctor!!!’.
after week i went hospital to see a doctor as teacher's order,
the doctor said to me,「if you keep studying mathematics,you will die within three years,it can't recover by recent medical!! 

i was willing to stop studying mathematics!
any way,
what are we??
yes! 「home team!!」 with a view of loving and encourageing friedia! YOU BE OK!!
she is great wide hope in japan and in the world!
i appreciate. magda,nice to talk with you me too!
freedia can make brides from countly to county as friends between german and japan! thank you!! \(^O^)/

magda said...

oh yes she is great !!! ahhh i love her

i am only a stupid girl :-) (i am so bad at math, physiks and chemistry ...shame on me) but i want to make a good education...there are enough stupid people in the world^^ the most of them are only intersted in superficial things i am pissed....
but i will change the world one day haha i am so stupid :-) but its fun....
i do speak 4 languages but not sooo perfect ^^ i can go on holiday and everybody will understand me (thats good)
can i ask you a questions ?
how old are you ? i am very unfriendly^^ but i want to know
its so cool...i talk to a japanese guy :-)
so i have to say sorry to fiedia because we are spamming the whole time but i really enjoy it^^
so thanks a lot
and rock japan :-)

Anonymous said...

Well where I am from people don't seem to care if they're single or not they still do stuff. It makes me go, ew.


Anonymous said...

Yeah.....I feel ya...boys...blah.


Anonymous said...

dear magda! from duku yosuke japan!\(^O^)/

i'm soory that i can' reply the question as soon as you ask!
because i'm busy on working hard in japan,and
fiting the my life.(^^)v (we japnese sometimes are called ‘worker holick race’by other contry.but we take pride on.)
i can work hard because of fieedia on my sholder like a angel.(^^)v

and,i probably think the people writig on web is the「time degree」 each other contry.
just now japan's time is am0:30, L.A probably is am 9:00 now.
(i do'nt know german's time.)
i want to reply the anser!! you ask question thank you!

the nice handsome duke guy as exactly i am
(^^) is 27 years month later be 28 years olds.
and i' m single.
but most of all my frineds in japan is single.
by the way
i tell you something,in my opinion,
my japanese girls friend always depends on man's powers,for example,they always say
「the guy is doctor??( ̄□ ̄;)!! i love him!! i love his income!!i want marry with him!!」
i think it is natural for women .

but i do'nt like the woman which don't have her will,and depend on all husband's power.i think it's not cool.
magda,i hope you become girl which earn money by yourself,it's cool! you can be a doctor ,a lower,career office woman!because magda,you must be smart girl,
may i ask one quetion too?
if two mens fall in love with magda and they want to marry you,
one man have much money,castle,expencive car, but you can't love him.
the other man have no money but his mind is very can love him.
which do you choice? magda,please anser the question? (^_-) home teem!!

Anonymous said...

magda!i'm sorry! i'm damn fool! i may mistake to understand your sentence! ( ̄□ ̄;)!!
you didn't ask how old me?i do't understand only mathe but english !
but we are home team! yes yes yes! see you! ☆彡sorry peopel on web!

magda said...

that is easy !!! i would never take a man because of his money or his job ! never !!! i cant live with a man i dont love ! its impossible...and i really dont care about his money. he only have to love me !! if he does (and if i do ) its all perfect^^ and we can live in a small flat with a broken car and be happy!!!

i cant understand why women want to depend on a man....i will work for my own one day...i am sure :-)
thats why i think fiedia is so cool ! she works hard and she is clever and are right she is a real angel^^

in my class there is a boy he is so day he said to me:
''oh magda you are really beautiful but i cant be with you because you are too clever..... you would never do the housework for me !'' haha he thinks every girl want him ( I DONT WANT HIM AND I NEVER DID )why did he say that to me i will never understand :-)

i am sure you will find a wonderful woman who is interested in YOU and not in your job because you are so nice and cool and i love to talk to you !

at the moment it is half past seven in the evening and it rains :-( i came home for an hour and i looked like i was swimming^^
Now i am sitting in the living room and i am listening to music ( i love music i could not live without :-) so you see one of my hobbies is talking hihi i am sorry

so i am looking foward for your next answer !

magda said...

no ! its allright :-) you are really nice !!!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, I understand what you're saying. Sometimes you feel like YOU have found love and it turns out the guy you love just doesn't feel it. It reminds me of a something corporate song called walking should listen to it. Why look when you've found it? But people, in general, are greedy. Instead of being satisfied with what we have, we always think we can find something better. And it's not just's everywhere. I hope you aren't single for long, Friedia.

Anonymous said...

dear magda!! from duke yosuke japan.

( ̄□ ̄;)!!excellent!! i'm amaging!(*_*)
that's excellent answer!thank you!
i am home in your angel heart!
magda! (^^)v
you must be not only smart girl but also have angel's heart!!

but if i were you, girl, and were asked the same question ,i would answer that,(^_-)

「i hurry to decide to marry the rich man,(^^)v there is no room for my love!!
but after marriage ,
i will make him be as my servant! (^^)v
i make him call my mame SIR! (o^o^o)
and someday i will introduce the poor guy (i can love) to him,and i will say to my hus,
‘hey! my hus! this is the very guy that i love and live with, could you get out of castle??
please leave your car,AND much money!!
(^_-)hey!paper marriage champ! you be ok?? do you love me? we do for me!’(?_?)
my hus probabry will say
‘yes sir,i love you,good bye’(T_T)
that's happy!!\(^O^)/\(^O^)/

magda, i hope you would keep the angel heart in mind when you become adult.
we adults offen forgets the opinion of childhood and adolesenehood.
i think we japanese adults always think about money.(*_*)it's sad. but it's true truth.
(i do't like the natiomalism,but i want money's exactly funny!!)

and according to my experience,
wise woman who can earn money by herself ,incline to hope to marry the guy who earn more money than her.
(but if guy devote allhis life to do homework ,she could marry him.
because wise woman always dislike to do home work,(^_-))

by the way i tell you something,

i can't teach english, ofcourse mathematics,physics to magda!,because i'm not teacher and scholar.(*_*)
but magda,i want to teach you ‘my pet theory’
as duke guy.
please listen.
that is…

nice people yo yo! nice friends.
good people ask for good friends.
good guy call for good guy.
good woman calls good guy.
they gather and help each other.they heartly think about their future,their happy together.

that is simple mathematics.

bad guy call bad guy. they gather and fighting together. they have bad word with them behind their back.

magda and me what is called,good people gathers around freedia.p(^^)q

Do you know the reputation about freedia in japan?
some people call her‘real angel’
other people call her ‘Beanus’. o(^-^)o

when she showed on tv in japan, she never had bad rumor ,bad friends.nothing.
because she is real angel.(^^)v

to love freedia keep us away from unfortune,bad people,and sad.(^^)v

her smilling gave us japanses ‘stay alive, call mochivatiom happy and  good friend.

bad people can't cling to her.never.

(we japanese loves her coming back in japan!
if she want,
we japanese are ready for no.1 chair for her which president seats anytime,anywhere,anyplace.
but she decide to challenge to climb to mounten of america by herself. all we japanese people yall her.
i hear anybody get oppotunity on america.
i assure that she will suceed.
she can make people happy .)

i think only nice guys can cling to magda
bad guys never cling to you!
i assure you can marry good guy you want in your future too!!
because you have smart brain and beautiful mind like angel too.\(^O^)/

uug? about me? (*_*)
to tell the truth,
the duke has been busy on making refusal letter against ‘love letters’which many japanese girls offer to want date with duke.(^皿-)
magda! we are home team!freedia make us happy and have good friend !!
thank you!
see you again magda! home team is fofever! (o^o^o)
(soory my english is not accurate.)

Magda said...

oh you are so cute ^^ i love love love your massages !!! today its my birthday ! it is half past twelve PM and i am so tired but i have to read the first messages i get ^^ (i love my friends:-)

fiedia must be a real angel...oh my god i am so happy to found this page....yes its so cool ! i have to find out more of her....i am busy too (with 15 haha isn't that funny^^)

so in teh evening i will party with my people.... yeah rock'n'roll^^
and in the afternoon i will meet my family

i think your answer is good ^^ i like it :-) yes i think its true that you lost a lot of your dreams and thoughts when you become an adult but...i'll try to keep it ^^

i am always hanging with the bad guys...i dont know why...oh no i think it is wrong what i am saying maybe they look like bad boys but in their hearts they are so nice ( i have to repeat....i love my friends^^) but i think they are so crazy (a little bit like me :-) but they are fighting for good things so... actually good guys^^

oh...i want to go to japan one day i want i want i want ^^ i will...
:-) i love to see other countries and cultures because its so interesting to see ! then i will come and visit you ( dont be afraid i am only joking^^) and you will live with a great wife and great children in a great house
(oh my god it sounds like i am drunken hihi maybe i should go to bed^^)

so far a good night (oh no) a good day ^^ have fun and keep up workin' ^^

looking foward to your next message

Anonymous said...

magda!happy birthday! one day late sorry. my pet theory is present for you.

someday come on! japan! (^^)v
i want german too! someday i want to run 「the out barn 」high way!

magda said...

oh thank you thats so nice !!!!
yes you have to visit germany it is nice here^^....i will go to japan when i become 18 !

another question^^: Are you an student or do you already work ???
oh my english is bad :-)

so once again thanks a lot
see you (no write you haha^^)

Anonymous said...

from duke yosuke japan.
ofcorse,i work to living and to earn money in japan every day ! (*_*)
but honestly i'm not content with my job and income. (T_T)
i want much money and more success(expentive car,honer,states,codeminiam,skill, most beatiful honey! more!more…etc).

if i can become,
i wolud become american president,
profetional baseball player,lawer,doctor,singer,actor,etc from now in spite of my age. (it must be big mouth)
it's fanny,
but i think human can't live without dream.
ps i can't become student, because doctor said to me ‘you had better not study,
studying will make you ill. ’
i can't study owing to doctor!! \(^皿^)/ \(^皿^)/
probably next answer will be late.very busy.
i'm afraid freedia feeling.
we may talk too much? if correct,sorry.

magda!!danke!!! home team!!

magda said...

i think you should become american president because they dont have a good one :-) !

oh its ok you dont have to write so much... i understand you are busy (and i understand you are afraid....i am afraid too!)

so i think its important to keep your dreams !

write you ! (its so stupid to say see you^^)

Anonymous said...

you must be most wise girl in many way!!!!

i heard most german's peple is wise.

exactly the rumour is right!!

most japanese adult of man is fool!! especially me!! \(^皿^)/      

for exaple
once, i write sentence in english, i have headache for one week. (*皿*)
this blog make me call vigor!!
this blog is i ganna reason go i!!

magda!! you is angel too!!
i never give up my dream untill i die!!

magda,when you are over 20 age,and come to japan,i wish you will knock my castle's door,
the duke will open the door and say ,
「nice to
mee(^ε^)-☆Chu!!」 thank you magmag!! FROM duke japan yosuke hometeam

magda said...

oh yeah i will come to your castle and i want to see your beautiful wife^^
lol you are so nice ! i really love it :-)
i like tis blog so much...i can practise my english ^^
and friedia is so great i really like the things she funny and clever

so i am looking foward to read your message the next time ^^

Anonymous said...

i think you are sleeping now.(^-^)
today is my holiday in morning!! japan times is AM 5:00 now.

i am staying up late 
with three japanese girls on my bed!!\(^皿^)/ okok!!
(it's japanese joke!! sorry sorry! my bed is always alone!!alooooone!!( ̄□ ̄;)!!)

could you listen my anguish about my single life??(*_*)

to tell the truth ,

i think i don't want to be single nowdays.
i want to marry.

i will be 28 age old in 10 days.(what is called i will be DUKE)

one of my best japanese freind (since high schoolstudent) married last month.(*_*) 
the marriage party is great!!but i feel alone…. i could not believe
that he married.
i felt like crying….

and another freinds have children,
they bring up their children now.

i want to marry and have children(two boys).

but, i can't fall in love with anyone,now!!(*_*)
because i am hurted about my lover i parted withsix mouths ago.
we could not marry.
i must have waiting that my heart will recover.
by the way
it says in japan,60% of people marry untill they will be 30years old.(it may not acurate…)

BUT i probably can't marry untill 30years old,
in spite of nice,tall,thin,modelstyle,handsome japanese guy.(*_*)

MAGMAG, may i have another question TOO??

what is the your age when you want to marry?
and, what is the guy's age when you want to marry?
and can you marry the guy who is over 40!!
please, teach me!!
m(__)m from duke gearman japan hometeam!!(^^)v

Magda said...

Three girls in your bed ? WOW i think you would be very busy LOL ^^

hmmm i think i dont know the age when i marry because i dont know when i will find the right guy... i will not marry a guy i know for two month^^ i think i have to know him for a long time and i have to trust him ! and his age....i dont care if i love him ! i think age is only a number...and when you love somebody it doesnt matter (oh god i am so stupid romantic^^)

i a so sorry that you are hurt ! i know its a bad feel like you never can love somebody again ! its stupid i hope this felling goes away fast!

oh yeah i want children too !!! defenetly more than one because i dont have a brother or a sister and its soooo boring^^ and i have no one to talk to :-( ^^

yes i am lonely too ! i cant handle the boys in my age^^...they are sooo ...i cant describe it ^^
so i have to search a guy who is not stupid in his hea^d :-) i know i am bad^^

oh yes...i have holidays for two weeks now its the first day today
i am so happy :-)

so i hope you write me ^^
and i really hope your bad feelings go away !!!

Anonymous said...

magmag!!thank you!danke!(^3^)/
i agree with your opinion.(^-^)
i think we human can't decide the age when we marry too.
i think it's time married with lover in spite of their age when we meet the very guy, girl who we love each other in many way.(i think 100YEARS OK)

uug,but i want to marry right now…, (^^ゞ
because i think i feel sad about misfortune of my love.
i am tired of my love now.
i must stock the emergy for next lover.(*_*)
(BUT i think my love illness will recover soon.because i am optimistic man!!(^^)/)

and i think what we love is one thing and what i want to marry is quite another.

for exaple,
if i staied up late with beautiful girl (but i can'love her
mind)on my bed in order to slove mathematics problem together in many many times,all night!!
but i would not feel like marring with her.
because i hate to slove math problems.(^皿^)

it's difficult for me to find the very girl i love now.
i love beautiful girl,but i can't love dirty mind. i want wife who has beautiful mind in spite of her age and my age.

by the way,
you have no brother?? oh!(^^)/^
it's great!
i'm second son.

my brother is 33 years old ,and he already married,he have two children.
but i do't like him!
( ̄〜 ̄)ξ
he was used to tease me,punch me and say
「come on!duke!!accept cheak shock!! jab!!jab!!」(`´)and
「hey!duke!bring apple for me!! do you like cheak shock!!??are you?」
i always said「ok!!old duke!!my brother!!」

i was always knocked down by him.(T_T) 
i hate him.(*_*)
i always was used to cry and think 「i wish i had no brother!! i do't want his puch!!」(*_*)

magmag!you must be happy!! you are good girl!
because you are full of your family's affection!!!!
my family was survival for me!!
full of old brother duke's punch rain against duke!!(T_T)/~

but the punch might make me nice and good strong guy.(^^)v
i appreciate brother.  (^^)v 


magmag,i want know ,
about single life in german.could you tell me?

most of 27,28years old years Dukes in german already married???and
they already had child?
is it normal custom in german???(?_?)
what is average age when people marry in german?
in japan,
27‐8olds dukes 50% of my friend had married.
magmag!prease answer!! if you know! (?_?) (^ε^)-☆Chu!!

from duke japan yosuke.home team!

magda said...

hey ^^
you must be very sad because you have no love... i am sorry ! its stupid to be alone... i hate it too all people around me are in love and i am lonely huhu^^

and i am sorry because of your silly^^ but i cant understand... you are so nice !! i really like you !
i am not in a good relationship with my mum i dont know she went away a few years ago..she dont live very far away but i am just hurt so i dont know...stupid situation but ....

i think its very different in germany there are many many singels here in every age ! some girls from 20-25 marry older men because of their money... they dont want to work and bla bla bla
but its not usual so the most people marry with 30 or 31 but i cant say it in general
but there is one problem in germany so many couples dont want children ( they are more interested in their careers) and we have so many singles so they also dont get kids
one day there will be no german people any more :-) ok now i am joking^^

i think i cant love a guy who is stupid and i cant talk to ! its so important to have good conversations...of course there is more in a relationship^^ but its important to talk ! so i hope i will find (somebody who can stand me :-)^^ i think its difficult LOL

something i hate in germany....when i am on the street alone i can be sure that a man come to me and ask me to get my number but they are so ... i dont know but it gets on my nerve some time ^^ and sometimes i am so bad but i cant change it :-)
stupid girl

please go to your brother and say : mag mag says that you have to be more friendly to me^^ other way i will become very angry muahhhhh your poor brother

ok now i should stop writting stupid things^^
so ''see you''

hey you know the DANKE who cool^^

Anonymous said...

uu… i want to write message right now.
but,honestly,i am hesiteting to write to you easily(with joke).
this is because your message bring sentimental home to me.

and,that's why…
i will want to write next message in very very long letter for you,seriously,accurately and correctly.but that cost me 4hours〜5hours. magda,please,wait.
and,i understand singles in german.thank you
please look foward to wait my next message.
probably after two days from duke japan yosuke.

magda said...

oh my god you are so cute (i am sorry i have to say that^^) i am really happy to get to know you because you are very very nice !!!!
of course it takes time so of course i wait ( and that sounds stupid muahhh^^) wow i am looking very foward you write to me thank you thank you thank you
so i'll wait :-)

Anonymous said...

dear magmagmag!!
from duke japan here!!


i'm sorry to have you kept my replying!!(>_<)

but i have been thinking about only you for week!! (^^)v
while wresting arigater in zoo!!(*_*)
eating cheese burger in japan!! (*^_^*)
sweeping the floor on the moon!! (*_*)

i have been managing to looking for the long words to you ,because i feel sentimental for your message as home team!!

i thought it was delicate proclem.m(__)m
but!! but!!but!!

the nice idea hit on me!!magmag! listen!!
you have no brother!!
i have no brother too!! (no!no! yes i have a old brother.but!! he is not so much my brother as my opponent boxer!! (`´)
i have not met him since i am 18yeards old.i dislike him!!i have no brother!)
and, yesterday is duke's birth day 28 years old!! (o^o^o)
magmag, could you become my sister!!
i want to become your brother as home team!!
i want my sister in german.
if you are asked by somebody ‘do you have brother?’
you can say ‘yes!! i have!! but he live in japan.
he is handsome, so young 28yeards old,very tall(6feet just.)very smart(130pounds!) very cute,very desirable,….his face looks like Sillvester Starlorn !!!
i take pride on my brother!! HE ALWAYS protect me anytime anywhere anyplace,he always stand on my shoulder like a duke‐angel.’

magmag,could you say to me ‘yes’.
Give me sister as home team .
Give me birthday present!!
i want to become your brother!
please say yes!!

do't you disagree???

Magda said...

ohhhhh god what you doing with me ahhh you are so DAMN CUTE i cant believe it oh my god oh my god YES iwant to become your sister oh my god i never saw a guy like you befor (and i never saw you *gg*^^
brother !!!!!
Happy birthday i hope you had a good day
hehe i have a japnese brother how cool
i love you ^^ !! now i can go to erverybody and be proud hehe^^

Do you know what? now i am happy *gg*

so tomorrwow Japan plays football so i will sit next to the tv and sing a little bit^^

so i wait until you write....BROTHER !!!!!!!!!
mag mag ^^
a happy girl :-)

Anonymous said...

thank you!! sister!!magmag!(>_<)(>_<)(>_<) 

i'm feeling like crying! i'm very happy!!!
i have sister!!
THANK YOU!!mag,WAIT WAIT minute!

angel friedia!!!!
yo yo!friedia!!angel!! do you look this??
i do't wanna disturb you that much,angel!!

please listen angel,
magmag and duke is new family,
but i was wondering,magmag is my sister and i am her brother,i'm supposed to be her brother.
so i was wondering if you could do me a favor if you ain't busy.
if you could throw us down a couple of blessings in mind like that i do't mess up being her brother
and that i does as good as she think i can be great brother and we are great brother. could you that??
we are born owing to you! angel friedia!!
we appreciate you! we love you
and we'never leave you! thank you friedia!

i love you. i'm happy. ……
you can cosult to me!!
we happen to meet each other!!
ha… thankyou
i can't say too glad!!! (>_<)

Magda said...

hey ^^
yes i am very happy too i have a brother isnt that cool ?^^
yes it is so thank you
yeah we have to thank friedia !
so thank you friedia :-)

hey i really want to see my brother ^^:-)
ha you can go and tell everybody your sister is a little freak^^
beacause i AM :-) no i am ok^^
so now i should go and start learning lalalala i dot want its so boring ....ok i will do it
love you
kizzzzz ^^
mag mag

Anonymous said...

can you look this?? this is loveeee beaaam !! for you from DUke to sister!!\(^O^)/\(^O^)/\(^O^)/
thank you!

Magda said...

hihi thank you ^^
i have to tell you have a very clever sis *gg* i had so much stress the last two weeks but ists ok because now i have good marks *smile* dadada i am so good i got a good mark in math can you belive that in mathe me mag mag ^^ ha thats so cool
ok only 5 weeks and then HOLIDAY i am so happy
ha live is changing mag mag becoms happy :-) wow i think its all because of youuuuu
hmm ok what you doing the wohle time ? working ? poor brother !
we have to wait...sometimes you will be president of the know^^ that will be so cool
love you