Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Early Thanksgiving anyone?

I was invited to go to an early thanksgiving dinner this past weekend and it twas Lovely! They had mashed potatoes, the turkey..and a whole lotta Apple Pie!!! That right there is an apple pie! it was the biggest pie I have ever seen! Im pretty sure there are a million apples living in that thing.It was tasty though,gotta admit!With the caramel and whip cream on top....mmmmmm


Setchu-an said...

Wow, it makes me realizing year's end is coming with terribly busy work.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! That's the biggest apple pie i've ever seen.

Emily x

MK said...

that apple pie looks good!

Anonymous said...

That pie is friggin HUGE!

Shell xo

Anonymous said...

wow!! what a big pie!!
mmm..yum yum


Anonymous said...

that's a huge apple pie! geez! but it looks really good!
hope you have a nice thanksgiving!

<3 caroline