Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Happy Halloweeenie!!

Flava Flav, Prince, Shower curtain?? Yep! Everyone was there! Oh it was so much fun!I love how everyone gets so creative and actually dress' up.(Except for the cool people..) Hollywood was packed with people!Ive never seen so many at that late of a nite! And I have heard alot about the Gay Parade on Santa Monice. I was curious but I never made it...Maybe I will get to see it next year!Oh and for everyone who is trying to figure out who I was....
I have been watching the Give peace a chance DVD.And I cannot wait till the John Lennon vs the World comes out!
So I went as Yoko Ono and my friend went with me as John Lennon!It was great!
Couldnt stop laughing all night! Hope everyone had a Super Halloween! Its the best Holiday!One of my Favs!!


Miranda said...

WOW!!! You looked so pretty. I'm glad you had fun, L.A. is pretty crazy though. Watch out!!!

MK said...

that's cool! I love John Lennon. My friend and i collect things on him

Tomoko-chan said...

You look pretty★

My halloween costume

was sooo funny★ 

It was DrugQueen& Akiba(Otaku)Japanese anime  character &Harajuku Girls cheergirl★ 

It was’t not cute

Check it at Mixi!!

radioactiveliquidlight said...

I saw you at PMX and I wondered what anime/manga characters you two were ^^;;; Now it totally makes sense...

Anonymous said...

You were looking gorgeous, as always!

Anonymous said...

omg, i love your costume. yoko ono!haha. how cool!
what is the "John Lennon vs the World"? so interested. ill check it out. parade. sounds so fun!!