Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy 7th Birthday MEL!!!!

It was a beautiful day here in California. Really hot, I think it was around 88 degree's on Nov.18th 2006. I had gone for a walk the night before to three dog bakery and gotten MEL 2 mini cupcakes and a biscuit with his name on it using carob chocolate.
On his 7th birhtday, he woke me up with excitement and reminded me it was a special day. I got out of bed ,fed him...waited till he finished and finally gave him his treat. You can see him waiting for it in the pix. After I said "HERE" he gobbled it all up and ran away as fast as he could leaving a trail of dog frosting. I caught him in his bedroom with his mouth full!!! After wards he was so happy and full he fell asleep for the rest of the day.......He is the greated dog ever! Love you MEL!


Miranda said...

Your dog is soooooo cute! I miss my dog Toby. We had to put him to sleepy last year. He had been my WHOLE life. I miss him.=(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mel-chan!!!

I miss Mel,,,,,, He loves food!!Haha


Tomoko said...

Please say hello to Mel!!!!
Love Mel!!

Setchu-an said...

Is it!?
Is a dog able to understand calender?
Or may they have special sense about own lifetime(^^;)

Anonymous said...

heyy, フリちゃん元気??

awwww how cuuute!!
happy b-day to mel chan<3<3


Anonymous said...

aw, that dog is the cutest ^_^

Shell xo

Anonymous said...

awww how adorable! seems like he had a very nice birthday!
i am getting a long haird chihuahua puppy around christmas time. i had a little one a few years ago but unfortunately he is no longer with us.

<3 caroline.

Anonymous said...

Mel is adorable. he's treats look yummy!

Anonymous said...

Mel is soo cute!