Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The beautiful Olivia was in town for PMX.And I went to see her perform but didnt get to see her till tonight.Finally! I thought I was going to miss her. Still didnt get to hang out much but at least I got to see her and chit chat. She is doing better than ever and everyone ahould watch out for her new album! Its gonna be good!She has been working so hard on it! She is like my sister! Iam very proud of her! CRITTERS!!!!tootluu
Cant wait to hang out agian! We always have so much fun together!


MK said...

I love Olivia! she has a great voice!

Setchu-an said...

Is this "Olivia" is that Olivia,
who has long career in Japan?
I saw her @ an event in Akihabara
long time ago. (she was a member of
"Media Girls," the Group for IT promotion)
Remarkable talents may attract each other.

Anonymous said...

Olivia Lufkin, yes

maestrotaku said...

woooo...I know you, you appears in the credits from "The Lost Lolli", arent you?

"Friedia(i will not rest till you do something bad)"

are you?

P.S: I think im the only person in this world that read the credits ^^

Anonymous said...

friedia! olivia!
you guyz rock^-^