Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Lined up all day!!!

So from 8am in the morning I did what I had never done before! I lined up for a store opening.But really it was the day Victor and Rolf collaboration with H&M came out! One of my favorite designers did a wedding concept colabo with H&M and it was also the opening day at the Beverly Center.I got there and I saw about 10 people outside the store still sleeping.In my head I thought "Wow, this is gonna be easy" THEN! A police officer approaches me and tells me to go down to the 5ht floor.The parking lot.That is where they are handing out tickets...I got there and there were lines on people!!Everywhere!!I was number 250....My friend met up with me and we waited till 12 to get in...We finally did and did some really good shopping!I got a tux jacket and the trench coat! I LURV IT!It was fun...until I had to stand in another line.....My friend calls me and told me Kid Robot is opening on Melrose, we should go check it out.Another Line was waiting for us.Not as long...but it was outside and chilly...So to waste time we took pictures.Here is me and Leo!


Anonymous said...

Woh! I don't know how you have the patience! lol.

Glad you found some great stuff though, good for you.

Emily x

Anonymous said...

aww look how cute you look. I love your style

Anonymous said...

aw cute! i love h&m. :)
i had a shopping spree there when i was last in toronto.

<3 caroline