Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Will be posting new pix very sooon!!

Hello everyone! I want to appologize for not keeping up woth the pix. I have been doing alot of traveling this month and working alot!!! Iam actually in Japan right now. I was here for only a day! I got in last last night and now Iam getting ready to leave!Crazy times!And it is always needed!As soon as I get back I have alot of pix to post!So check in again real SOOON!
Hope everything is well with everyone! tah tah for now!


MK said...

sounds like you are having fun. I can't wait to see the new pix

Anonymous said...

good to hear from you again!
have fun.

<3 caroline

Setchu-an said...

Wow! You are.....were here in Japan!
I lost the chance to see real Friedia(~~;)
Anyway, it's happy to hear that the things are going well around you (^o^)

Sab said...

Wow. You get there at night and get ready to leave the next day? You just went there for coffee or what :P

Anonymous said...

Yay. Can't wait.

Emily x