Monday, September 04, 2006


Been working on this line with my partner.And it will be coming out soon to the buyers..not in stores till early next year. We had to have a photoshoot for it for the look book! So my partner and I got to cordinate all the looks and tell the model how to move and all.It was fun being behind the scene! I cannot wait to see how the look book comes out!We spent our whole Saturday working on it.We had a good team so it went smoothly. Iam very excited about the whole thing!


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful! Are you going to be modeling any of your own clothes, or are you going to be mysterious and have entirely external models?

Em x

Anonymous said...

you must model your own clothes. You are far too beautiful not to be seen. what is the name of the brand MOF?

Anonymous said...

ohh yess! i'm excited about this. :D

<3 caroline

MK said...

cool. I'm excited