Tuesday, September 05, 2006

1st Interview in 3 years!!

Iam very excited! Even if you cant read japanese..check out the web site! You can look at the pictures!hahaha
Its an online web magazine!


Setchu-an said...

Of course I can read Japanese, then.....is it YOU ?!
I found a dramatically elegant lady on the web site!
There is a big gap between the photogenic image and your caracter here.(Anyway, I love both(^o^))

MK said...

I am glad to see you having a new interview. You are so pretty

Mac said...

Nice to mee you.
I also read that.You are so gorgeous and cute!!

Sab said...

I can't read all that, at all. I'm learning japanese though, for fun really, but all those drawing.. nope, I don't understand! But the pictures are gorgeous! You look great!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL pics! Wow.

Emily x

Anonymous said...

fri chan<3
i'm so glad to read your new interview! stay gorgeous!!
from japan, marilyn (γΎγ‚Šγ‚Šγ‚“)

Anonymous said...

I wish I could read that :(
You look gorgeous as ever though

Shell x

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ooh how exciting! too bad i can't read japanese though. and lovely pictures too. :)

<3 caroline

Setchu-an said...

Oh, You should be better to start a Japanese lesson site for your US fan(^o^)