Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Rosh Hashanna!

Happy New Year! I went to my very first Jewish New Year dinner! It was so much fun! We all sat down and did the traditional dipping the apple in the honey for a sweet year and eating the string beans to leave the enemy’s out of your life.. By the time we got to the actual meal…. I was stuffed. The food was amazing! And everyone was so sweet! Thanks for such a great time!
Hope this year will be a very healthy, full of laughter and a year that is filled with love!


Setchu-an said...

>filled with love!

Yes! I will take a part of the filling up you with love!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. That bottom picture is hilarious.

I've never been to a Rosh Hashana, or any Jewish event/holiday actually, and I really, really want to. I heard that they never stop feeding you, hehe.

Glad you had fun :) The food in the first picture looks so good.

Emily. x

Anonymous said...

aww what a cute picture of you hehe. half my family is jewish, but i've never been to a rosh hashana. it seems interesting, though. i love doing new things!

<3 caroline

Tomoko said...

Hey Friedia! How's going?
I hope alls going good!!!

I luv Ur pictures! So pretty★★★

You are so busy !!! I worry about
your jet lag ! I'm sorry,,,
Talk to soon!
Please say hello to

XXX Tomoko

Anonymous said...

sounds fun! and yummy!