Monday, September 04, 2006

Mon chan!!??

Went to do my hair again. It was Masaki's last week there! He is moving back to japan and opening up his own salon! which I am happy for, and at the same time sad to see my friend move away.I hope to see him when I go to japan! His room mate came over to keep us company and he had brought his buddies in his bag.One was of a bear sleeping, and the other was this monkey.
His name is Mon chan.He is a super monkey with a cape and everything. I think he has had him for quite some time now. He also makes Mon chans bed at night! Its his pet!


Anonymous said...

Cutest little monkey ever!

Em x

Anonymous said...

even without make up you are still stunning!

Anonymous said...

aw what a cute picture!

<3 caroline

MK said...

aww that's cute