Friday, July 18, 2008

Diane von Furstenburg, she is who I want to be...

She is such an inspiration to me. I have a picture of her on my future board. I want to be like her. Successful, creative, smart business woman, head of the CFDA and everything in between. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!
this commercial gave me teary eyes. I love seeing talented people doing so good.


Anonymous said...

I think fashion designers and such are great, and people being creative. But WHEN will they finally start making something for us people with normal wages? They all talk about wanting to make people confident and such, but it is always only for those happy few that have thousands to spend.
Most of us are not that lucky... just saying. In the real world there are rent and bills to pay *sigh*

esmeralda said...

Hi, Friedia!
I LOVE Diane von Furstenburg too!!
Design, style...everything is creative and classy.

Here in Japan,there are some stores where we can buy those fantastic clothes. -Shibuya, MinamiAoyama, and Ginza...You should check them out, when you come to Japan next time. Or have you ever been to?

Have a nice weekend!