Monday, July 28, 2008


We went to Beverly Hills for work and we couldnt figure out where to eat. So we decided to go upstairs and enjoy a glass of wine with our meal. So up we went to the Neiman Marcus Mens floor BAR on 4. You can enjoy looking out at Century City while you have your sweet fancy shmancy lunchie.I ordered an egg sandwich and it was topped of with some caviar! ooooo!
Eggs and more eggs!!! But, I must say, it was very yummy! None of us was unhappy. They also had treats from my fav "Sweet Lady Jane" on 3rd. We all left with Smiles on our faces..even though our bill was $171!!!!eeek! Cant do this everyday kids! Maybe twice a year! I think I used up all my fancy lunch dates! hehehe

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Anonymous said...

If we have caviar every single day, we'll get tired of it...
so you had really fancy lunch!