Thursday, July 31, 2008

Good things are coming this way!!!

So when I thought I was having a bad couple of days..this comes along and makes my whole week!! I fashion designers dream! The first step to making it big..ger!haha
How it first started was I had met the Head Editor of NYLON magazine about 3 or so years back. And told him one day I would have a line and would love to do something with NYLON...well, the line will be coming up on our first year and I just got an email from the Fashion Editor saying they want to do a photo shoot this Friday. So I over nighted the clothes and I crossed my fingers...Today, I get an email saying they want to interview me!!yaaaayy! One of my favorite magazines is going to write about Monn'Amur! Ahhhh!! Iam smiling right now! My little heart is so very very happy right now..hehehe
Its for the October issue,,,i think! Lets keep an eye out!
AND THEN!!! Last night while I was in a meeting, I get a phone call from this girl asking if Iam the designer for Monn'Amr..Iam this someone playing a game on me?? Right after I ask who she is, she says "Iam ~~ from Womans Wear Daily"
ahhhhhh part2! I was ..I dont know what I was. Iam happy again now though! Anyways, I delivered the line myself early this morning for a photo shoot tomorrow and next week!!!yay yay ya~y! Another favorite of mine. I subscribe to both of these, read them all the time! These are the magazines I take to travel , the gym, the park, the car wash the list goes on.
Iam still a year old, but we are making progress!
Also watch out for press in Japan! I sent out a bunch down there too!
Iam giving myself a little pat on the back! ;)


wonderhoney said...

wah wah wah wah wah wah wah wah waaaaaahhhh!!!

wonderffffuuuuuuuuulllllllll news!!!

yay yay congratulations!! great new behinning!!
i pray for your more and more future success!!

hey, are you going back to e-bay?? i wish i could get your items... hope to hear from you soon =)

Anonymous said...

Congratssssssss! Friedia!!!
I read every time NYLON magazine ;) I'm happy, too coz hear that good news!!!!! I can't wait "October issue"!!!!! Good Luck, my friedns FRIEDIA ;)


sc said...

yayyyy congrats!

Camille said...

Hey Friedia. Congratulations! This gives me hope to start my own little business one day... good luck!