Thursday, July 03, 2008

It's too HOT... dreaming of my coldstone ice cream

Here Iam , wearing my new favorite sun glasses outside in very very hot Echo Park area. There is a very funny story behind all this, but will tell you next time!
And here is the Cold stone ice cream I cannot stop dreaming about. It was Sweet cream (ice cream) with waffle cone, chocolate shavings, marshmallows and caramel...mmmmmmm it was sooooo gooood~
I call it the" Attack of the Marshmallow Ninja's" ..( you cant really see the white little marshmallows until they are in your mouth!)


Setchu-an said...

Wow, you seem to be a cute TV star! are it in fact.(^o^)

Anonymous said...

やっぱりfriediaは、beauty, cute and hot :)
Nice sunglass! I love it:)