Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Is out! Just got this today! All you in Japan should go out and get the real thing!!
First photo shoot with my short hair!xxx


Setchu-an said...

Yes, sure! You are very "Kawaii."
And it says "Celebrity Girl."
I quite agree about "Ms Friedia is
celebrated with her beauty and talent."

s said...

you look SO cute! i would but if i could, but i'm in th uk.

wonderhoney said...

aloha kawaii celebrity girl!!!

wah, i love your eyes wall paper it's mega cool!! did u paint by your self?? LoL one day wanna live something like your house keke

Friedia said...

hi! Yes I did do the wall myself. It took way longer than I thought ( I had to make the stencil's myself! eek!) But it turned out pretty nice! I was inspired from the Salvador Dali Exhibition at the LACMA!