Thursday, July 03, 2008

Out all day with the pups

So I had to stay out of the house all day because they were smoking down the house.Killing those termites! yuk
And so we had to stay out of the house all day. Started off with a starbucks breakfast.(too bad they are closing so many stores!but I did hear that themcdonalds coffee tastes better than the starbucks now,and its cheaper) any how, we did that, then went to our favorite dog park.Mel did his thing and mingled with the other doggies and Coco just hung out with me. It was hot out, so we didnt stay there for too long.But did make a new friend, Quincy. Quincy is there everyday. Hope my doggies didnt hear that!:) And I treated myself to a relaxing facial and went back home! Busy busy!!
Tomorrow is July 4th, so I need to get everything ready for a fun filled pool bbq day! Will post pictures, if I can remember to take them!hehe

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