Monday, December 08, 2008

QIO Christmas Party~!

Saturday I went party hopping! There was this party at this new store in Little Tokyo ( forgot to take photo's) then we headed over to Qio's party! We walked in right when the fashion show was happening! Perfect timing. We also got to play a quick game of bingo. Very fun night!! Hope there will be more parties to come!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hey and nice to meet you,
i was just dropping by
and now
i'm starting to love your blog!

bingo!!! who won? hehe!!!

i want to go to Japan one day, it's my greatest dream of all!!

i'm going to check out your fashion collection now,
and plus i really love your biography
also when you talked about the clothes,

simple but with an edge,
cuteness with a dark touch,
very girly with a hint of boyishness!

and i checked out the video and it's great!

i seriously love travelling & have a pashion for fashion but i never modelled before XD

i have to go but i'll be checking out your blog often!