Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Good Night Ai.....

Today I found out from a friend who just came back from Tokyo, that my friend just passed away. Her name was Ai. I worked with her on a few TV shows. She was the nicest lady I had ever met in the entertainment industry. She would always light up the crowd. Give me advice, gifts and always believed in me.I had not seen her for a couple of years. But, she did come to say good bye to my brother. (" Thank you again Ai chan")That was the last I saw her. We sat and cried and talked..and cried. Now I cry for her.... I still cannot believe it. Iam in shock...
I was thinking of her a couple weeks ago and sent her an email....she wrote me right back. Saying we would hang out next time I was in Tokyo.She said " We will see each other soon, right?"
Good night Ai chan. I will always remember you and the kind words you gave to me and so much more. I hope you see Josh up there. You can rest now. Rest in Peace. We will all miss you.


Anonymous said...

i was also big fan of Ai san.
i can't believe this truth..
some peopole say stupid things about her death.
but people who really love her trust that she would be able to rest in heaven.
hope she could see your brother up.

Anonymous said...

↑me too.....

and, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Friedia!!!!!

hope you good year 2009! xxx


Anonymous said...

i miss her also. i still can't believe it.

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