Thursday, December 04, 2008

Please come if your in LA!

When I was little my mom and dad would hand me a pen and paper all the time to keep me busy. And when I grew older my dad took us to the museums all the time and he introduced me to Vincent Van Gogh. He became my favorite and told my dad I was going to be an artist. He never really supported the idea. ( he wanted me to become a scientist like him) So I never went for it. But my love for drawing or making things never went away. Thats probably one of the reasons Im in the clothing/designing industry!
I had a fashion show a few months back and got to meet a lot of very interesting people. One of them was an artist himself. Well, he is the one that put this event together and asked me to show my stuff......So for the first time I will show an art piece. Iam excited and very nervous at the same time. ART is not the easiest to please a crowd. Its all about taste. BUt in my mind, if I can please just one person, that will make me happy. I do it cus I love it, and if it affects someone else in any way, thats a compliment. If your in the area, please stop by! C u there!xxx


skyline.days said...

I wish I could go!! I actually discovered your fashion work very recently (all right, a few days ago), but the fact that you're able to bring such unique designs to life makes me very intrigued by what you've created for this art show.

I hope you have fun~

anijnas said...

good luck to u!