Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A very unexpected Early Christmas Present!

Hello Everyone! Meet Vincent! Little Prince Vincent! He is the new member to the family.
SO here is a story. Ever since my brother passed away I have been having dreams with him in it almost every night. I can feel him there and around me all the time. Well, one of the dreams I had was a little after the funeral. He came into my dream and tried to make me happy. SO he gave me a little black dog.And named him "Prince" The next day I had told my friends about the dream ,and didnt think much about getting another dog. UNTIL! Early October a friend of mine said that her sisters dog got pregnant by accident. My friend owned the male pom and her sister had a female pom. Which the sister had left with her parents so she could go and live in Korea. Well, the two cuties made babies!! And my friends parents werent so happy about it and told her she couldnt keep them. She came and asked me if I wanted one and I told her when they were old enough ( 3 months maybe) I would think about it. So this didnt cross my mind either because I thought I wouldnt have to make a final decision until next year Jan. Well,,,,, the day after thanksgiving I get an email saying that if I wanted him she could drop him off today. And without hesitating I said "sure! bring him over" and here he is! A little gift outta no where. The cutest little black Pom!
For me this past week was a hard one , and he has been cheering me up.Vincent is so precious. Iam sure I will be posting more movies of him on here, so watch out!!


Anonymous said...

Vincent is so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

hi! Friedia:)
OMG! Your new family's Vincent is sooooo much cute! cute! cute!!!!! Like a bear! haha
All black color is so cool!!!! I love that! Nice present!

oh! Your brother came in my dream:) I was so happy!
xxx Dora

miranda said...

omg!hes so cute!awww i love animals.lol

Friedia said...

yeah, i call him my Monkey Bear! 猿熊!

skyline.days said...

He's so cute! I'm glad he's been able to cheer you up~