Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So thanks to Dora and her quick eye! She found out that Suzuki Ami was wearing the Monn'Amur Vest in her Video!
It was pretty cool to watch it in motion! Plus I remember watching her thru the auditions she went thru on TV!
I didnt know she was still singing! And she also totally changed her music style!Well I wish her luck and to keep wearing Monn'Amur! YAY!!


Anonymous said...

Thats great!!
Yea, she is still singing.
I think she is good singer and the vest is so cute.

Anonymous said...

hi! Friedia:) I'm so glad that i found this time and here my name on your blog! thanxxxxxx, Friedia :)
このベストは、ほんとう可愛い!!!!!!!!! glitterがチョーかわいい love it love it!!

lots of thanxxxxx

skyline.days said...

That's so cool!!

Sebby Wakeshima said...

yah she still singing! i really like her current style, it's much better from her past. anyway, it's great that she wore monn'amur's vest! she definitely looks great there!

Shaw said...

Woow..that's so amazing..
you've done great jobs!!!!!