Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Last night my friend invited me over to the Louis Vuitton and GQ party in Beverly Hills! Here we are!!
To tell you the truth, the music, food and atmosphere was great..but the crowd was not so much fun. It was a lot older than Iam used to. And I went in wearing hot pink tights, shiny black skirt, yellow top with a tux jacket and booties to match. Everyone was looking at me like...." Where was your black dress??"
I had a fun time! No one is taking us down! We were there for an hour and left!:)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see your full outfit!! I'm sure it was amazing :) I'm glad you stuck with your own style and had fun!

Anonymous said...

you look really pretty, i love your style =]

Anonymous said...

Id love t see your outfit full length, it sounds cute! your eyes look gorgeous in the second pic, too xo

Oh said...

hi Friedia!!
how are u?
im "OH"
the clothes become u very much!!
please do its best!!
see u (^^)/