Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Can I be the 9th Samurai??

"The 8th Samurai"

It's 1953 and Japan's most ambitious film Director is about to begin his next big budget samurai epic.
With a little persistence and stroke of good luck, Nanshu lands lead role as one of the eight samurai
that will save a village from roaming bandits. But little does Nanshu know that the director is having
doubts and there is only one thing Nanshu didn't prepare for. Come and see how Nanshu, against all
odds, will help to make cinematic history.

Well. my good friend Eijiro was the main Samurai. ANd I must say that it was a really, no I mean REALLY good movie!
The director is an Italian American man who probably watched A LOT of old Japanese movies! I wish you could all see this movie!!! All I have now is a website and a the trailer is on Youtube.....
Eijiro you are such a great actor! Iam proud of you my friend!

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Eijiro Ozaki said...

Wow! Friedia,
Thank you sooooo much for posting the report on "THE 8TH SAMURAI".
You are truly kind and so sweet !!
It was an honor to have you at our very first official screening and I was very happy you liked the film.
Yes, I hope many people would get watch it next year and it'll be well accepted at film festivals around the world.
Cross your fingers, please!!
Thank you again.
Have a great holiday season...