Saturday, December 13, 2008


So the night before the opening of the Earth Works event went really well. I was very nervous of going. When we were waling in I saw my painting right out in the front! Both of them! They hung it right out side of the door of the restaurant. And a lot of people came up and asked me if that was the one I did, and that they liked it etc etc! It was very cool to hear that! I have always been an artist in the closet. I would draw a lot! And keep it stored away for some day to come out in the sunlight again. Well, KIO the artist who coordinated the show was the guy who helped me get it out there. And Iam very great full he did. Another gallery actually approached me to see my previous art work! And I would like to thank all my buddies that came over to support me! We had a good ol time! Good organic food and drinks and music and good company...oh and really good artists! Lots of very unique cool art! It will still be up for a month! So if you can make it, please swing by and have lunch there while enjoying the creative art around you!


Oh said...

(^^)/ yes!!
it was good & understood that the power of a lot of people was necessary to make a thing!!

its a very goooood!!
thanks for writing a good story & word!!

friedia fight!! (^^)/

Kio Griffith said...

it's great having you in this group!
i thought your pieces looked the best out in the front room, so there you have it. by the way, the show is up until February 16th, so there's about two months to view theses works.